Many mid to small business owner suffer from importing from China, language, honesty, higher price, etc. So the major importers have their own purchasing office in China, but for those not ready to do so? 

The solution is to hire a reliable purchasing agent to work for them, and I am one of those who are highly trustful, flexible and professional. 

See below what I can do for you.

International Trade Buying Agent Service Description

No matter you have a specific commodity to source or only an rough idea, I can help you to locate the matching product in China.

I have helped to purchase products across most industries includes electronics, raw materials (wood, mining, etc), textile, apparels and accessories, chemical products, agricultural products, equipment, furnitures, metal hardwares and auto parts, etc. So there is no limitation on industries.

People get use to find commodity on internet such as Aliexpress, alibaba, etc. But sourcing a product doesn't limite to find a seller on the web, you have to trace back to original seller/manufacturer as many of them are re-selling the same item. Furtherly, you have to communicate with manufacturer about the total parameter of the product and their business terms.

Only when you find a product with required specification, along with its original manufacturer and trade terms, the commodity sourcing process is over.

The most difficult part of international trade--especially importing--is to believe a seller, do you agree?

You are afraid the seller will disappear when you paid them money, or they send you poor quality product or completely rubbish that make you waste of your money.

The first procedure to avoid this happen is to check the supplier's validity and its past record on business. A serious business entity will have a less chance by having problems and checking its history you will know if they perform good or not, yet our goal is to ensure the seller do manufacture and sell the product we are looking for, with good quality.

Next, I am available to visit the interested factory and carry out onsite evaluation. This is to review their physical address and assess their product quality, management level, just to make a solid start for long term business.

Visiting trade fair
Visiting trade fair

Visiting trade fair

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With customer from Thailand
With customer from Thailand

With customer from Thailand

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With customer in LED trade fair
With customer in LED trade fair

With customer in LED trade fair

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Visiting trade fair
Visiting trade fair

Visiting trade fair

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Importers always want best price, best quality and best service, there's no wrong about that! It's just the reality often goes hard, buyers often gets lost in tens of suppliers if they inquired many of them. 

Each supplier has its unique questions and its quite hard to keep focused if you are not a quite expereince soucing guy. 

You won't know what supplier's bottom is, which means you don't know what is supplier's real thinking? So you will always need to ask them or yourself:" is this the best I can get?" or " am I being fooled?”

With a local sourcing guy, who has the insights for industry, you will always get the most balance on price, quality and service.

Depending on the product type, total weight, volume, destinations, emergency and so on, a good shipping partner can give the best advice on a proper shipping method.

They may include air express, air cargo, sea shipping, train and land transfer. Among each transportation there is difference on price, time, requirements, safety and so on.

Through the years I have almost all types of shipping partner connections in China, they are spreading in all major export port and cities, ready to give most professional advice and its service.

Order management means a lot to those whose order has more than one supplier or who place more than one order at a time, it is hard to track all orders or factories remotely with time zone and language problems.

Additionally, you can't expect Chinese factories update your order status actively, therefore, its all up to yourself whether to keep asking them day by day by email or just leave them and wish all turns out great. Can you do that? 

I can keep asking factories the order status on daily basis and organize all factories feedback together in one email, make an early watching and arrangement of all order productions. 

You have to claim your rights, if you have aftersale issue with the Chinese factories.

Furtherly, you have to have a local assistant to express your claim in person, because email claim often goes lost to some Chinese sellers and you can't get a better solution on how to solve the issue.

Refund, deduction on next order, re-ship good quality products, etc. We should always look for a better solution for ourselves, while avoid to break relationship if still need their support in future.


Do I have to hire a purchasing agent?

You don't have to, especially if you are working for a big company which allow you to have a purchasing office in China already, or you are able and willing to fly to China from time to time to keep relation with your supplier. 

If not, I will suggest you to hire a Chinese purchasing agent that can work as your hand and eye in China, of course he must be flexible to meet your requirement with low commission!

What industries you are able to source product?

During my 10+ years experiences I have get involved in almost all industries, from apparels and accessories to electronics, from medical to agricultural, from small commoties to high tech equipment and production line. 

So my industries are not limited, since I have visited most of the cities in China and with a lot of connections in different industries. 

You can review some of my past sourcing project here.

What is your commission?

Depending on order value, and service type, the rate varies.

The principle is good service should be paid, so factory report, business trip and basic procure service all should be paid. Let's say the commission varies from 5% t0 10% depending on cases.

What is your advantages?

There are a number of personnels and companies offering purchasing agent service in China, overseas and locally.

Compare to them, one advantage is that I have done this for 14 years, vast experiences are there during my history. This has also brought me numberous connections in suppliers, forwarders, insurances, B2B platforms, etc. Anyone of them can be helpful for your business in case.

And I am still running as individual, so I am light-weighted and very flexible to meet your requirments.

Yet I am able to speak in English fluently and writing in English professionally, that made your communication fast and effective.

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