Sexual Assual in Alibaba - A Real Shame for the Giant Company

Starting from the night of 7th, August, the Chinese giant company: Alibaba has been facing a huge risk when their female employee has unveiled she was raped by superior and client.

Let's have a general review first

  1. 07.27 she went to meet client in Jinan with superior Qu yi, she was forced drunk during dinner and then raped in the night in hotel by Qu yi and the client;

  2. 07.28 she reports to police and waiting for investigation;

  3. 07.29 Qu yi was called to go to police and had conversation;

  4. 07.30 ~ 08.01 nothing happened

  5. 08.02 she went back to alibaba headquarter Hangzhou office and reports to senior management;

  6. 08.03 senior management promise to answer in 3 days

  7. 08.05 senior management ask her what does she wants?

  8. 08.06 alibaba management told her there is nothing they can do to help her;

  9. 08.07 she thinks it is un-acceptable, she unveiled in company message group but it was deleted and she was removed from group chat, later she printed some leaflet and spread in company, she was forced to leave by guard; she posted on internet and by crowd attention, alibaba finally admits and agree to take it seriously.

  10. 08.09 alibaba CEO Zhang yong announce to dismiss CEO of city-retail business and Qu yi;

a video shows she was spreading leaflets in alibaba dinninghall

We will see after 10 days it happened, alibaba didn't give any attention to their lady employee's tragedy, they even try to make it silent by using their power and affluence. Only after this has been noticed and posted to the whole internet, they become serious suddenly and move quickly in action.

The company has getting used to sexual culture while their founder Ma yun has been speaking low level sex related jokes in many company scale occasions, their employees are indulged to act in similar way.

We know Alibaba has been dominating in many industries such as online C2C/B2C retail, B2B/B2C international trade platform, etc. This has encounraged they work in offensive ways, by using its dominating role to achive monopoly activities, for example: force the companies in to use their export agency yidatong otherwise to lower its revenue and exposure to global customers.

I'd hope alibaba can focus on improving service quality and continue bring benefits other than barriers to its customers, employees and the society.