Electrical vehicle for Montenegro

It was in the year of 2011, Mr. Damir Opacic contacted me for an opportunity to purchase 100 electrical vehicle to Montenegro capacital city Podgorica as taxi use. He hired me as an sourcing agent to screen down the qualified electrical car manufacturers in China and arrange further schedules.

After initial evaluation and negotiation with potential car manufacturers, we locked three China new energy car factories and decided to visit them for further discussion.

I met Mr. Damir and two of his workmates in the winter of 2011 in Shanghai Pudong airport. He was a diplomatic man, able to communicate with anyone in good manner.

We, at first, visited a manufacturer in the suburb of Shanghai, whom was a major electrical car factory in China that time.

After that, we flied to Jinan city of Shangdong and went to the mid-land of Shangdong peninsula. There were two private car manufacturers there and we visited, tested their cars and had business discussion with the head of local companies.

Qingdao, as the final destination of the trip, was a great view coastal city. Damir and his friends, including me, enjoyed the seaview and wintership at the seaside.

We totally visited 4 electrical car manufacturers and checked their capability of manufacturing, rated if their models are with durable good quality or not, and yet assessed if their manegement is in standard, business offer is attractive or not, etc.

After the trip, Mr Damir and his friends are quite satisfied with process and result, he gave a excellent review of my work as a purchasing agent. At later stage, we are cooperating with real order manegement and logistic services.

In the project I offer sourcing agent service include

  • Product sourcing

  • Manufacturer finding and evaluation

  • Trade negotiation

  • Order management 

  • Warehouse and shipping (with 3rd party)

  • Aftersales

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