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1688 Buying Agent Service

I am offering very competitive 1688 buying agent service as many of the wholesalers and online shop owners looking to buying products on

You will get the favorable product price on 1688 and extra service including quality inspection, drop shipping, repacking, warehousing and order consolidation on fast buy professional manner.

A good 1688 buying agent choice is half way to your business success!

 1688 Buying Agent Service Description

Flexbile & Affordable
1. 1688 Product Buying

Once customer have selected target product, they can send web link 1688 buying agent (which is me) with requirements such as quantity, color, material etc. 

Even if they have question about product but they are not able to ask the sellers, I will help to negotiate with the seller and confirm everything.

Once all details are confirmed like specification and pricing, customer make payment to me and I will immediately place order to the seller of 1688 without any delay.

2. Supplier Checking

Normally the sellers on is original manufacturer, but sometimes they are also re-sellers. So that's why we need to make a supplier check in order to verify if they are the manufacturer and furthermore to check their ability to provide products in consistant quality and quantity.

I will be able to use my more than 10 years experiences to make an initial judge online, yet as per request, I can visit the factory plant to verify all details including physical existance, production arrangement and management level.

A good and consistant supplier is the key to your success.

3. Product Inspection

Once the product ordered from sellers have reached to my warehouse, I will open the package and make a thorough check on quality.

Only if the product meet the description that we agreed on, I will accept the product and arrange shipping to customer.

This can help customer to avoid receiving bad quality or short quantity products, which is to save much time and energy on hassles may happen.

I can also perform customer required quality check so to meet your stardard perfect.

Professional Photo Studio
Professional Product
Photography Service
Extra Service at request

Made to the e-commerce resellers, as some of the 1688 shop do not have beautiful product photo with English background or e-shop owner logo, we can help to make professional product photography service at request!

4. Warehousing&Consolidation

Internationaly shipping, especially DHL, FedEx are quite expensive, if we ship sample or product every time we receive it, it will waste a lot of money for customers.

A sourcing agent can keep the products in its warehouse and waiting for all orders coming and inspected. Finally ship them out in one time to save money for customers.

The products stored will be in safe enviorment and yet if they have special requirement on humidity and temperature, I can get it covered.

5. Delivery to Customer

To ship overseas is expensive, so it is extremely important to find the most economical way, while keeping them safe.

I have wide connections and frineds those are sea shipping agent, air shipping agent, express shipping providers, land and especially the sino-europe train forwarders. They can all give discounted price on shipping for me, which is to save money for customer!

A good 1688 buying agent save much time and money for you, do you agree?

6. Aftersales Claim

There are times that customers are not satisfy with the product quality, it happens!

If you don't have a sourcing agent you will need to pay big amount of time, energy and money to negotiate with the seller. 

The 1688 sellers often do not understand English and you don't speak Chinese, how would you like to solve it?

With an 1688 sourcing agent, you can get this all in cover, my job is to protect your money spent in good way!




ORDER <$100

ORDER >$100



Package optimization

By case

By case

Product photo for re-sell online

International shipping

Product source online

Agent place order and receive

Quality inspection

Per order



Product keep&consolidation

1688 buying agent

Extra Service

Paypal 5%

Payoneer 2%

Western Union free

TT $20

Charge per actual spending


Do I have to hire a 1688 buying agent?

You don't have to, as long as you have a physical Chinese address and you can speak and reak Chinese. Because do not sell to other countries and 99% of the sellers to not speak and read English.

Can 1688 buying agent do drop shipping?

Yes. Once the buying agent receive products from 1688, they can inspect the product quality, repacking and send to wherever you require him to send.

Is there MOQ on

They do have MOQ. As was designed for Chinese local manufacturer and wholesalers to sell online, which is B2B mode, normally they have a MOQ in batches. 

But recently some of the sellers provide very low MOQ such as one piece in order to compete with Taobao sellers, so we should check each 1688 seller's policy and understand their terms.

Is product on with good quality?

We know product on sell with low price, but are they with good quality? In 95% cases the quality are good and acceptable.

Because most of the sellers on are manufacturers, they have good production line and own quality team to ensure their products meet the standard they have claimed on their descripion page.

How can I pay?

I accept payment by Paypal, Payoneer, Western Union and TT transfer.

But depending on the way you choose, they might be extra bank charge, currently the charge rate is: Paypal (5%), TT transfer ($20), Western union and Payoneer free.

If you wish to pay by credit card, please check with above listed method and see which can connect with your card, thanks.

Creative Thoughts

1688 Agent Fee

Unlike some other 1688 sourcing agent charge fee per order amount, as high as 20%, I am offering straight bottom service fee rate 5%* for all kinds of orders! (Min. $9.99)

Let's say you purchase $200 items, the total fee is...



Inland shipping cost (from seller to agent warehouse, I will charge the same that the seller charge me, normally 0$ ~ $5)


Service fee (product value*0.05, starts from $9.99)


Bank fee (depends on what payment way you choose, western union  no charge, TT transfer $20, Paypal 5%, Payoneer 3%)


Sub Total


International shipping cost is not included and will be quoted to customer before shipping out. Customer will need to pay before shiping out from China.
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