Liu Mao


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I'm the “about-to-bald" China sourcing agent 💇‍♂️

  • I am a bit old (40 years old in 2022, Scorpio);

  • But so experienced in China export (since 2007 on multi- industries);

  • Offer head-to-toe agent service about import from China or just a small procedure of it (flexible to meet your specific condition);

  • Honesty is above everything.


Product Sourcing

You've got a product/design, or just an idea in mind, I can help to locate the Chinese suppliers that are able to produce it.

Supplier Evaluation

Comprehensive and detailed evaluation for all found suppliers, their real capital, business scope, hired employee number, certificates and many aspects will be checked by me one by one.

Quotation Gathering

Contact qualified suppliers and get trade offers from them, price, lead time, sample terms, product specification, brochures, payment terms, etc. 

All quotations will be formulated in one chart to help client do cross comparison and my recommendation will be followed including supplier sales rating.

At least 6 suppliers will be contacted for quotation for one project.

Above three steps are the typical service before clients decides to place an order, no fee needed if finally you decide not to place order to any of the China suppliers.

Before Order


During Order

Order Communication

To successfully place an order, there are a lot of work to do. Negotiation for a better terms including price, lead time,  confirmation of technical details and sales person communication, etc.

Production Tracking

One typical production cycle usually around 20-30 calendar days, for those hot items it needs 60+ days. To keep active tracking process with the supplier will get the real time updates to the clients and ensure no delay will happen.

Shipment Inspection

To do a pre-shipping inspection is needed especially for large order or new factory introduction. 

I can perform simple quantity/quality inspection and yet with professional 3rd party inspection agency any type of quality check is avaliable on my side.

Logistic Arrangement

The client can choose to use their own logistic fowarder, however, I have also in hand a lot of good forwarders that can offer competitive pricing. From express agency to traditional vessels, from land transport to cross continental railway, all covered.

Aftersales Claim

It happens, the products received have quality issue or you simply wants to give a feedback for future improvement. I will be there to help clients making the process smooth.

How the China supplilers will be evaluated?

At least 30 China supliers who can manufacture your purchasing item will be evaluated before contact. 

The small trading companies, the fraud companies, the companies with in-consistant quality and weak innovations will be seem immediately and blew out from our process.

Only the real manufacturers with history, superior quality and good research power will be chosen to submit offer to us.

The dimensions for evaluations includes the following:

supplier background check sample.png
  1. Real Establish Year (many Chinese companies lie on this, they want to show a good history record);

  2. Registered capital and real capital (as in China registered capital is only a “made-up" number, only the real capital can show a company is strength);

  3. company type (a group or a stock company, even a state company should be serious than individual enterprises);

  4. Social insurance registered number (from here we can see supplier employee number, at least the more with insurance shown its a serious company and respect for its employees)

  5. Intellectual Property (patant, trademark, software copyrights, etc)

  6. Management and quality certificates (ISO etc)

  7. Law disputes facts (we can check if supplier has many law disputes as defendant)

  8. business scope (trading company would never got business scope as "manufacturing" even if they say so)


Liu is a incredible souring agent and I have always enjoyed working with him! I have been knowing him when he is single and now he has a son age 7! 

Liu has helped me in sourcing new refrigeration products and manage all relevent suppliers. Thanks to his excellent job, my business is going well!

- since 2007
Industry: Electronics

About Me

My name is Liu Mao, I started my international trade career since I graduated from school at 2006.

Started from a "regular sales" to "sales executive", then "purchasing agent" and started my "own trading company" till I found running a company isn't fit my life philosophy, so I closed it and back to work on my own to be "an independent China sourcing agent" , flexible enough.

Through all these years I have got vast knowledges about China import and export. My footprints spread to nearly all provinces and cities of China and visited numerous factories from small workshop to industry giants. Also I own a lot of connections in the chain so to meet any requirements if needed by my clients (logistic forwarders, custom affairs, certificates, inspetion agencies, etc).

Since I am independent sourcing agent, my time and energy is limited, I only focus on the clients that we fits both of us much, to ensure present high quality service to them and help them success.

You are welcome to contact me if you need any assistance in trading with China, let's see what comes in 2022.

Photo taken at International Airport Sheremetyevo