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Individual China sourcing agent since 2006, 14 years trackable history in China-world trading. 

  • You know alibaba.com, but feel frustrated communicating with China suppliers, not mention to verify them;

  • You need someone who has rich procure knowledge in China to find the right option in quick time;

  • You need someone to check the factories by eyes and inspect all the goods before leaving for you;

  • You understand good service are not free;

  • You need all the service in long term;

  • You need more flexible service from a local China procure agent...

Liu is a incredible souring agent and I have always enjoyed working with him! I have been knowing him when he is single and now he has a son age 5! 

Liu has helped me in sourcing new refrigeration products and manage all relevent suppliers. Thanks to his excellent job, my business is going well!

Image by Aziz Acharki

The Benefits

Comparing doing everything by yourself, to hire me as your China import purchasing agent will have the following benefits:

Exclusive Supplier Base

To find supplier in Alibaba is easy, but not all good suppliers are in Alibaba, especially those in good sales revenue doesn't live on it. 

With my national connections I will be able to approach to those good hidden suppliers for your needs.

Comprehensive supplier report&offer evaluation

Customers offshore are not able to evaluate fully for a Chinese factory, especially the "on net" information won't be as 100% same as truth. I am going to provide a comprehensive report for each RFQ, the report will have everything needed at 360 degress basis -- at least 3 suppliers and offer for each products. Click to review report sample

Best product quality & easy purchasing flow

Before purchasing, detailed analysis report for offer and supplier can help you choose reliable factory, which means their products quality is guaranteed. 

Furtherly, with optional service you can have me inspect all products before it leaves factory plant, thus to ensure they are all in 100% good condition.

And the good thing is, you only need to contact me, I will be contacting for all the suppliers, so your whole process will be easy and fast. No need to chat with several sales and they ask the same question everyday.

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